Project Name: Expert Concordance

Project Status: Completed

Period: 2011 – 2012

Project Aim: Verification of the level of agreement among experts-graphologist on the evaluation of handwriting signs and personality traits.

Short Description: The expert-graphologists evaluated 81 handwritings. Their task was to quantitatively evaluate a set of handwriting signs and a list of personality traits on a scale from 1 to 9. Their evaluations were proven statistically in regard of the agreement among them.

Method: Kendall Concordance, Friedman Test.

Major Results:

  1. There was detected a high, statistically significant agreement among experts on all involved handwriting signs.
    Conclusion: The evaluation of handwriting signs is highly objective and reliable, if done by professional graphologists. In future experiments it is enough to involve only one graphologist.
  2. The agreement on all involved personality traits was as well statistically significant although the deviation was higher than for handwriting signs.
    Conclusion: The positive result can be predicted for other traits. That is, their evaluation done by professional graphologists is reliable – the graphologists agree among themselves.

Participants: Dr. Marie Anne Nauer, Dr. Yury Chernov, Boris Peterka.