Project description

Current results

The pilot study with 16 subject, by whom AD or mild cognitive impairment had been diagnosed, Every subject provided samples of his/her current handwriting and an old (10-20 ago) one. The results demonstrate good validity of both tests. They were compared to the several hundreds evaluated handwriting samples out of HSDetect database. They served as a control group. The correlation between Z-factor and the diagnosed severity level of AD was high (0.62).

Project Team

Dr. Zhibek Zholdasova, Ph.D., Head of LLP «Universal Brain Center», Almaty, Kazakhstan
Ass. Prof. Gayane Ghazaryan, Ph.D., Medical Psychology, Yerevan State Medical University, Armenia
Prof. Rafal Ciesla, Ph.D., Department of Forensic Sciences, University of Wroclaw, Poland
Dr. Yury Chernov, Ph.D., Institute for Handwriting Sciences, Zurich, Switzerland