To achieve the defined aims we base our research on the methods presented below. These methods can be seen as our tactics. Some of them are new in the field of handwriting analysis or have never been used on a regular basis. Therefore we consider it as extremely important to describe them explicitly.

Statistics: Apply statistical validation methods that are common for psychological studies.

Computer: Develop computer-aided methods to model handwriting analysis.

Database: Design of a general database of handwriting samples and their evaluations to conduct statistical studies.

Rules: Verify traditional principles and rules of handwriting analysis under modern conditions; design a database of this graphological information to enable the usage of more formal methods.

Technical means: Use more technical means for research, e.g. graphical tablets.

Network: Build a contact network with researches in other relevant disciplines (e.g. psychology, teaching, medicine, computer science, sociology, forensic research).

Analysis of critics: Extensively analyse the critical publications, their argumentation and results.


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