Project Name: Handwriting analysis validation against 16 PF-R-test

Project Status: Ongoing

Period: Started 2013

Project Aim: Criterion validity of handwriting analysis against personality test 16 PF-R.

Short Description: 16 PF-R is a well-know and commonly accepted test. There were some attempts in the past to perform studies on criterion validity of graphological analysis. Most of the published results were negative. However the way these studies were carried out cannot be accepted as serious scientifically due to the way the graphological analysis was involved and due to the inappropriate statistical methods.

In our research we try to overcome these problems by firstly, modeling the scales of 16 PF-R properly in the results of graphological analysis, and, secondly, by using the HSDetect graphological software to perform this analysis. In this manner we receive stable and objective evaluations of personality traits via handwriting analysis. Over 50 subjects involved in the research take the 16 PF-R-test and provide a sample of their handwriting. A professional graphologist evaluates the handwriting signs with HSDetect. As a result the software calculates the personality traits and aggregates them into special variables that model the scales of 16 PF-R. These variables are compared to the results of the 16 PF-R-test of each subject.

Method: Statistical hypothesis test (χ2-method, binomial distribution test), statistical power analysis.

Major Results: There are very promising preliminary results which will be published when the project is completed.

Participants: Claudia Caspers, Dr. Yury Chernov

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