This section provides the latest news and developments of Interdisciplinary Validation of Handwriting Analysis (IVHA).

30 Oktober 2015
Presentation “Computer Aided Graphology for Research of the Validation Criteria: Results, Methods and Perspectives” done by C.Caspers and Y.Chernov at the International Conference of German Union of Professionals Graphologists  in Munich.

28 Oktober 2015
Meeting and discussion (M.A.Nauer & Y.Chernov) with Prof. Sara Rosenblum (University Haifa, Israel) about possible cooperation in the research with graphic tablet on the investigation of handwriting.

28 Oktober 2015
Special presentation at the psychological seminar Technion (Technical University) in Haifa (Israel) by Y.Chernov “Handwriting Analysis as a Psychometric Method: Validation and Modelling”.

16 October 2015
Lecture at the International Psychological Conference “Psi-Factor” in University Kiev (Ukraine) “Handwriting Analysis as a Psychometric Method in Context of Ethno-psychology” done by Y. Chernov.
17 October 2015
Workshop “Value Test and Handwriting Analysis” held together by Prof. L. Romanyk and Y.Chernov at the conference “Psi-Factor” in Kiev.

25 Juli 2015
Presentation at 13th European Conference on Psychological Assessment (ECPA 13) in Zurich by M.A. Nauer & Y. Chernov “Psychodynamical diagnostics – Validation Research based on Computer modelling of handwriting psychology”.

November – December 2014
A series of lectures on the research in the handwriting analysis for the students of Institute for Applied Psychology (IAP, SHAW Zürich, Switzerland)  has been given by Dr. Marie Anne Nauer and Dr. Yury Chernov

October 2014
Start of the project on criterion validity of handwriting analysis against Emotional Quotient Inventory test (EQ-I 2.0 ). Project Leader – Marina Riedi.

30 May 2014
Preliminary results of the project “Validation of  Graphology against 16 PF-R-Test” were presented at the 27th congress of the European Society of Handwriting Psychology  in Lindau (Germany). The presentation “How Computer-aided Graphology Complements the Classical One ”  was given by Claudia Caspers and Dr. Yury Chernov.

10 May 2014
Presentation on graphological research activities in Switzerland on international congress of Association of Professional Graphologist (A.P.G.) in Bologna (Italy). The presentation was given by Dr. Marie Anne Nauer.

30 April 2014
Lecture on research in handwriting analysis with computer-aided systems on the yearly congress of Israel Society for Scientific Graphology in Tel-Aviv (Israel). The lecture was given by Dr. Yury Chernov.