Our mission is to investigate and validate graphology with an objective scientific approach in order to distinguish between useful and obsolete parts. There had been numerous studies, mainly performed by psychologists, aiming to find evidence against graphologists’ claim as a valid measurement of personality. Working together in an interdisciplinary network (IVHA) our ambition is to proof the opposite by pulling together strings in long-term project activities to attain a coherent scientific basis which will be recognised and accepted by the academic community.

Our coordinated project activities started in 2010 and for now include the projects that reflect our aims and are based on the selected methods. In present we have been working  (or planning to start) 13 projects.  They are grouped as presented below.

Handwriting Analysis Objectivity (1)

Handwriting Analysis Reliability (2)

Criterion validity (4)

Content Validity (1)

Graphic Tablet (1)

Test Battery (3)

Handwriting Analysis Fundamentals (1)